In my life, I have noticed a few constants. PAIN is definitely one constant companion.  From loneliness, to physical pain, to mental strain… I know about pain. I do know this though- pain is an excellent teacher. Pain teaches you things you cannot learn in any classroom, anywhere. Pain is a conduit that will propel some to greatness, and bury others. The point I’m getting at is simply that we all go through hard times. Now some are harder than others and I get it if you want to vent, cry, whatever… do what you have to do. But don’t you ever quit. THIS LIFE… NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE. NOBODY GETS OUT CLEAN. There is a price to pay for everything. People don’t realize that at the beginning.



New development… I have been studying, looking around. I am ready to get somewhere. I am already a personal trainer… now I am adding public speaker and my Life Coaching cert will definitely help in this. I want to thank all of you who have been patient with me… I know it does look like I am not doing anything… obviously that’s not the case. Thanks again.


Finally, after much deliberation, procrastination… my book, Imminent Reaping has hit Amazon and Kindle. Imminent Reaping, my first book, is a 45-page short story for now. I am writing this up to a 300-page masterpiece. I hope you all like it, I hope it sells. Anyway, that’s all for now.

Some Folks….

Yesterday, I saw a “man” who was insulting everyone. This guy is running around slamming doors, cussing (no typo there), yelling and screaming. I kept myself out the way, as I know how law enforcement tends to act in these types of cases. This guy is a serial drunk, has very little in life other than memories of what he was- or who he thought he was. At times, he seems to be good, but under the smell of alcohol and the appearance of shame- he never has a leg to stand on. I tend to stand back, look and observe. Now, my buddy’s wife tends to run her mouth a lot, and it gets her in trouble. I tell my pal this. He understands he is not responsible for cleaning up her mess all the time,which is why WE left the premises when the ensuing argument jumped off. Two people who swear they are right all the time, don’t know when to shut their mouths- especially during the holiday season, usually equals conflict. I sat back and let them argue (remember this is between a man and a woman). Back and forth for a few hours, me and my pal sat and watched the Knicks and Clippers, occasionally laughing at what was said. It was mostly bluster and swearing on both parts, or “selling wolf tickets”, as we say in the South. It is most apparent that in times like these, that people must remember that this is the type of thing that gets people dead. Somebody takes offense at what is said, and there are no cool heads to prevail. “If they can’t get along, get it on”, as it was taught to me. I see NO problem is this. I personally wonder what would have happened if the dude had went ahead with his threats of knocking the F outta her, and all that jazz. My buddy’s wife ended up suggesting that we go to the back room just to stay out of the conflict. At least she has the balls to stand up for herself, even when she is wrong. As stated before, I have seen her run off at the mouth and later regret it, because her husband was about to beat her. Typical mess.

Some people don’t know when to quit. They run their mouths, always thinking they are right, always coming with criticism. An old Southern colloquialism does this justice. “When you go out in a field with a shovel, you gonna come back with some dirt”. A lot of problems would never arise if people would exercise some caution- as I do. I try to keep “situational awareness” (the ability to know your surroundings, keep cool and execute a well thought out plan in case things get dirty) a top priority. In so many cases, so many times, especially when I was a youngster, I saw so many people smacked up, shot, all because they ran their mouths too much and were proven wrong- and also when some joker ran off at the mouth too much, not realizing they were outnumbered and were handled swiftly. I once was in a situation like that, having to fight off 5 guys- with nothing more than a broomstick. THINK THE KNOCKOUT GAME IS BAD? TRY DEALING WITH IT BACK IN THE 1990S, WHEN MOBS WERE THE STANDARD. I am often regaled with memories of people getting shot simply because they didn’t know when to shut up and let the time pass in various situations. I almost died myself because of that. Messing around with some thugs in Baton Rouge, talking big, with “my nose wide open”, cause that’s how I got down back then. I could have died in the streets that night. I remember it like it was yesterday. All trying to act thug, when the streets were NOT in me. I was reminded of why that was the case. In any case, I was reminded of a LOT during the arguments, especially the mistakes, miscues, misplaced trust, false hope, false thug ambitions, etc.