I know it’s been a while. Here goes. I recently saw a webinar that talked about how to get a TEDX Talk. I hope to have this sealed by Wednesday. Those of you who know me (IRL and online) should know I am one person who is very driven and loves to talk. I think it will happen.  I don’t know about you guys, but this era (2010s Obama/Trump Era) is very weird, like we are at the dawn of a brand new world. Some say we are in a revolution. In any case, this era has proven to be exciting and very interesting.

As for doing a TEDX talk… anything that would help my side interests (fitness training, life coaching) get off the ground will help immensely. I certainly hope my posts inspire you in some way.



New development… I have been studying, looking around. I am ready to get somewhere. I am already a personal trainer… now I am adding public speaker and my Life Coaching cert will definitely help in this. I want to thank all of you who have been patient with me… I know it does look like I am not doing anything… obviously that’s not the case. Thanks again.


Finally, after much deliberation, procrastination… my book, Imminent Reaping has hit Amazon and Kindle. Imminent Reaping, my first book, is a 45-page short story for now. I am writing this up to a 300-page masterpiece. I hope you all like it, I hope it sells. Anyway, that’s all for now.


In an effort to make sure I give recognition to various causes, I am shining a light on Autism awareness. I happen to have a friend whose child, Desmond, is autistic. Turns out his son’s school in Tigard, OR (CFT Elementary) does not have th money to support the special needs children there. Here is the full story here:

I Run For Desmond



$1,765 of $2,500
18 donations
109 days left

Amy Zirkelbach and her family are running for Autism Awareness/ raising money to support Desmond and the Special Ed Dept. at CFT Elementary.

I wanted to tell you about an awesome kid named Desmond. He is my son and he has a form of (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a disorder In which effects thousands of people in our community everyday. This disorder involves delay in social /communication abilities and learning development.
Desmond has been such a blessing. He can shine a light on anyone’s day, if you just spent a few moments interacting with him. He has his own ways of expressing himself and getting everyone’s attention.  In this past year that he has attended Charles F. Tigard Elementary he has shown tremendous improvement in his social and communication abilities. I thank everyone who has supported Desmond at this school. I want to continue helping my son succeed in school, but the funds are not always available to the special education department to meet the needs of the children with many disorders like Desmond.

I am proposing to you to help make people aware of ASD in our schools by supporting and getting involved.

How to support is easy…. I am running a series of races in the portland metro area. Just choose a race and donate.For every mile I sweat you donate a dollar to the cause.  If you want to donate more, that is Awesome!!!

Another way to support is If you enjoy running, you can sign up for team I run for Desmond (for some of the races) when you register for that race. We love all the support we can get so just put on those running shoes and bright colored shorts and prepare to have a great run.
Races I Am Running:

*Shamrock Run 15k (9+ miles) March 16

*Race For Roses 1/2 Marathon (13+ miles) April 13 TEAM REGISTRATION I RUN FOR DESMOND

*Sean’s Run 10k (6+ miles) April 26

*Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon (13+ miles) May 18