When You’re Tired…

I was recently made aware of a friend’s bad relationship. He was set to leave his wife… he had a change of heart. He was wise in my eyes to get himself some $$$, to immerse himself in his work, then go to war. Folks, no matter what kind of bad relationship it may be… when you’re tired… of lies… tired… of disrespect… tired… of a B.S. sandwich… you gotta make the tough choices. Make these choices with the intention of freeing yourself. You can and will survive. You will recover.

Winds of Change

This past week was my 20th HS Reunion. Since Im on the West Coast now, I could only be there in spirit. One thing I have noticed have been significant changes in me. I won’t get too specific, but the changes are like night and day. Have you ever felt this way? To reinvent yourself as you dream of yourself? Night and day I dream of having certain things. I will not rest until these dreams become reality. How about all of you?

It’s Summertime…

There’s an old 60s tune that says “It’s the Summertime, and the weather is hot”… now, I moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2013. I didn’t know just how hot and humid it got here. All I knew about Portland before coming here was the Blazers and latte-sipping liberals. It is hotter than hades here this week. Since I been doing a loading dock job in the area, I been losing weight. Like a BAWSS!!! It’s been wild, seeing people come and go outta my life, making impact, then fading away. It’s been a wild year already. At work yesterday, a guy quit. I get the third degree about it. I didn’t mind talking about it, but it was reminiscient of days past when I was “the loose cannon”. A co-worker of mine, was really shaken with this development. He made too much of it all, and basically went out like a punk. You know, the kinda guy who is overly macho, simply overcompensating. His whole conversation is guns, politics, crap like that? Now I am a veteran myself, but I have made sure I am not the military stereotype. Besides, it’s a lot of anti-military animus flowing about these days, so I don’t need to add to it. I saw through the guy like cellophane. I had to conceal my laughter at him. Ability? Yes. Aptitude? Yes. Balls? No. Spine? No. The previous week, this dude was popping off at the lip, like he was somebody’s father and such… somebody had to let him know what time it is. And it blew up in dude’s face. You don’t talk to people like that. I am a very patient person. In that regard, I feel if I end up “letting someone know”, they may not end up leaving the place under their own power. REAL TALK. Bottom line, some people need to be taught reality. It is very telling to see folks who aren’t in touch with reality attempt to run things like they own somebody. I had to stand down on a few occasions, because I am not gonna be pissing my career away, losing my freedom, etc, over some fool who is still in dreamland. Life ain’t nothing nice. Be cognizant of your surroundings, and WHO is around you.

LIFE IN THA77316 Part 3

Today, I am on a tear. I am finally bursting with ideas. So I’m writing them down. I can certainly say at times, that the life I am leading now is fantastic. On the other hand, being between good and great SUCKS. Things are on the uptick for me, though at times, so may things could be better. As you all know, I am never ashamed or afraid to talk about myself, my flaws. It is imperative I do it this way. To do it any other way would be almost blasphemous to me. A lot of life-changing events happening seemingly at once. I stand back, looking at it all. It’s like I am in a movie, starring me. So I stand to the side, watching myself experience a lot of craziness, foolishness, sadness and frustration. I know things are going to work out as they always do. No magic, no formulas, no potions. Just hard work. I had thought a lot about these things when I was a youngster that things would fall into place. The 37 year old Kente would tell the 15 year-old Kente that it doesn’t work like that. Life is funny like that- you can go from losing to winning in an instant. The converse (or, opposite) is also true.


Have you ever felt that you are in a valley in life? That everything you do is seemingly “in escrow” for a later time, but you need things now? Add to that, the people around you are not making anything easier, whether they complain a lot, whine, or whatever it is that they do? Troubles, trials and tribulations are the name of the game in life. We do live in an era where people have been softened up with “sweetness and light” coming from every angle. What is more confusing, there are those who actually do have answers, but their manner of delivering the answers further isolates and frustrates the people in need. How can you make something out of the seemingly endless cacophany of voices that all promise you that they will help you, make things easier and bring things to a head? I am no expert, guru or any of that. However, I can tell you about how it is imperative that you think for yourself. Thinking for yourself, personal accountability, stuff like that, is a lost art in our world today. But HOW do you think for yourself, when it is easier to go with the flow of media, popular opinion and groupthink? It is something to behold when you see someone using the brains God gave them. It is amazing to see men and women accomplish their own dreams instead of seeing people go on some track that allows them to live “life on autopilot”. How many times have we on social media or on our blogs, comment on those who we deem to be “stupid”? How did they get to be mentally deficient? And what makes us, any better than they are? Is there some disconnect that we haven’t figured out yet? Is it because it is 2014? Is it because we live in such an affluent society that even a growing class of people who do not have the skills to pay their bills is nothing to fear, since “we got ours”?

i simply wanna say that the times in which we live, it is more important than ever to realize we must “break out of the matrix” and begin to THINK FOR OURSELVES. I know it’s not very popular to be a thinker. I know it’s not very popular at all to have a set of beliefs that prides itself on a deity, or “rugged individualism”. If it were all to end today, what would you want to be said about you in the history books? To be THE LAST MAN STANDING, you must realize the times we are in, the urgency of life (as it passes all of us by to some degree), and just how frail we really are. It takes brains, brawn, desire and the willingness to endure tragedies, troubles and disappointment. As it says in Psalm 30:5, “weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning”. 

For those of you who this hits, I hope it helps you, as writing is therapeutic for me.

For all of you seeking something in life, remember this old Roman proverb: PERDES OMNES QUI ADVENERUNT (Destroy All Who Came).