When You’re Tired…

I was recently made aware of a friend’s bad relationship. He was set to leave his wife… he had a change of heart. He was wise in my eyes to get himself some $$$, to immerse himself in his work, then go to war. Folks, no matter what kind of bad relationship it may be… when you’re tired… of lies… tired… of disrespect… tired… of a B.S. sandwich… you gotta make the tough choices. Make these choices with the intention of freeing yourself. You can and will survive. You will recover.

Winds of Change

This past week was my 20th HS Reunion. Since Im on the West Coast now, I could only be there in spirit. One thing I have noticed have been significant changes in me. I won’t get too specific, but the changes are like night and day. Have you ever felt this way? To reinvent yourself as you dream of yourself? Night and day I dream of having certain things. I will not rest until these dreams become reality. How about all of you?