“Good Black Men Must Be Vociferous”!!


Late Bloomers

Do you know a late bloomer? A late bloomer is a person whose abilities, talents and gifts surface later than most people’s do. A person who has grown into a completely different person than who he/she was in high school. Take for instance someone you may know from high school. That one guy or gal who has revolutionized their lives (maybe even yours) and has staked their claim on the golden path to prosperity (whatever that may be for them). A few notable late bloomers:

Kurt Warner, NFL Quarterback. This late-bloomer debuted for the then St. Louis Rams  (now Los Angeles Rams) at the age of 27. He went on to win a Super Bowl, almost won two more.

Brian Dennehy, actor. He started his acting career at the age of 38, after serving in the United States Marine Corps. He has gone on to star in major motion pictures, direct, even star in Broadway shows.

Harland Sanders, Entrepreneur. Everyone knows KFC.  Colonel Sanders founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken company at 65, and went on to become a multimillionaire. Everyone knows what “Visiting the Colonel” signifies. The business concept was brand new for him as an older person, but he had been cooking for most of his life. As a young man, he worked in a variety of jobs that had nothing to do with cooking–farmer, steamboat pilot, and insurance salesman. When he hit forty, he opened a service station and starting selling chicken dinners to his customers–developing his pressure frying method over a number of years. Eventually, he opened a popular restaurant. If they hadn’t built Interstate 75, which took the traffic away from his business, he might have remained a local legend only. But he knew how to make lemonade out of lemons (if not lemon chicken), and started the franchise business, which we know and LOVE today.

What I am saying here with these examples is no matter where you are in life… don’t quit. You just may be on the cusp of changing the world. These three people did in their own way. Following your dreams no matter what is what life is all about. Some take a while to fully bloom and show what they are, but they’re there. Next time you see a late-bloomer… don’t judge them. They just may be the one who will revolutionize your life.


New development… I have been studying, looking around. I am ready to get somewhere. I am already a personal trainer… now I am adding public speaker and my Life Coaching cert will definitely help in this. I want to thank all of you who have been patient with me… I know it does look like I am not doing anything… obviously that’s not the case. Thanks again.


Recently a buddy of mine in the A has been racking up wins. Now, he’s a supervisor at his new job. I am very pleased and proud to know that he is doing great. Add to that, he’s a burgeoning writer. As a friend, I can stand by and watch him succeed (as a fan watches his/her fave sports team). I am proud to know Mr. LeBeau and to watch his development- from ashy to classy. He had been taking quite a few L’s since I’ve known him. Now, I would like to take the credit for his development and his success… I know I’d be lying, and doing that makes for nothing more than being a disingenuous fraud.


Yes. I am talking about a topic men and women either love to talk about or hate to talk about. People cannot not have a stance on this. For those of you who follow the blog, who know me in real life, etc. knows that I married a White woman, and have two kids by her. I am gonna talk about interracial relationships. Nobody ever gets mad or upset about any combination of WM/ANY WOMAN. I have come to expect that. Now, whenever it comes to Black men (and I expect this too, and it’s not unjustifiable) doing the interracial thing… everybody wants to control him. Why the interest in who a Black man dates (and I don’t mean the cuckold crap), why try to control what a free man does? Interracial relationships are on television all the time, only that 98% does not involve a Black man. Simply put, it tells me that in this regard, that myths, hate and fear still rule.

As for the Black woman (and her many failings), there is a reason why lots of Black men are choosing non-Black women. Black women are PISSED. They don’t like that one bit. In my view, they wanted their cake and to eat it. They want the thugs, pimps, players, etc. and to have the nice guys, the good guys as a “fool on stand-by” so when they are done whoring around, they can saddle that good guy with the emotional baggage, kids and everything else that accumulates from the street life.


There is a huge ongoing debate online that sometimes spills over into real life about this subject. This can go over into a million different directions, but I will not have that today. This is Part One of several I will do.

Remember, people do have options, opinions and all. Don’t try to hate what someone else is doing because you feel some superiority complex.




Earlier this year, I did a story called “How Do You Know Your Worth?”. It was simply my musing on social media memes that “talk a good game” but offer no solutions. Folks always talk about the problem, but never really get down to the task of fixing anything. Like with political people on both sides of the spectrum. Liberals, Conservatives- they all talk but have no solutions (I will get around to talking about THAT on my American Defense Teams blog and repost it here on RnL). The money is not in actual answers. The money is in the pointing fingers, demonizing and destruction of those who are deemed to be “bad” (take Donald Sterling- again, another issue for another time). When I take a look around in our society, I see so much angst, anger and hatred. Yet no solutions. Why? What we been taught over the past six decades by the so-called “brights”, “elites” and all their worshippers/hangers-on that demonstrations, “civil disobedience” is how to affect change. Note that all of that are viewpoints from dictators and despots (how they attained and kept power, mind you). Sociopolitical topics aside, the real point of this article is how does a man or woman determine their worth? It is very simple indeed to determine your worth. The way to do it is:

1) Look at what you are wanting to do in life

2) Look at where you have come from (in my case, I came from the lowest of the low- simply from the bottom)

3) What are you wanting for the future of not only yourself, but for your city, country and for the world?

4) What do you desire in a mate- and what are you not going to tolerate

5) How much value do you put into your time, efforts and ideas/ideology?

6) Who do you listen to as far as life lessons go?

Add all that up (with introspection) and you will have a pretty good idea of what you are, what you want and what your worth is. Sadly today, people do not know their worth. Academia and entertainment has replaced self-worth with groupthink, yearning to belong to a clique, or to be a part of a movement. None of the popular modes of thinking can make up for the lack of self-worth. It’s just not being taught. Social media tends to dumb people down even worse.

Self-worth is just that. The amount of worth and importance you place upon your person, ideas, ideals and everything else that is the intangible part of you. People in this era have either sold out or were brainwashed from childhood to be compliant, malleable sheep who have no backbone, spine or will other than what their masters in the Academia-Entertainment complex tells them to.

Knowing your worth is something that needs revisiting. Knowing your worth is essential in life. The concept of knowing your worth will cut down on most of the relationship ills going on today (SIMPery, women mating and chasing scumbags, etc).

In closing, the reclamation of such things as a spine, intestinal fortitude, will only come with time, experience and struggle. It is part of “the process”. The process of growth, the process of maturation. Knowing your worth is so much more than a social media meme. Knowing your worth is part of a successful life.


Over the weekend, I watched the Rodgers manifesto a few times. The talking heads are doing their usual thing, condemning him, his parents, the therapists, police, everybody on God’s green Earth. This is a more sociopolitical deal, I debated on whether to put this on the ADT site instead of this. Since so much of this is layered and peppered with angst, sexual repression, etc, this is why it’s on RnL. I am certainly one whose life is a lot like a magazine. I am not ashamed of my past- my failures, my everything. The young man I was, was a lot like this young man. It is sickening to see young men stoop to such levels. On the other hand, this is symptomatic of a society that is schizophrenic in so many areas. Hypersensitivity, no accountability for some, yet zero tolerance for others. I can understand why the guy was frustrated. Even to the point of murdering those who he felt embodied everything that was against him. I can understand his angst, his anger, his helplessness. If I were there, after beating him. I would have stood him up, and embraced him. Then laid the law down. When I was a younger man, I felt the same sting of rejection. It’s not fun. I remember getting slapped for asking a girl out on a date, I remember women laughing at me because I didn’t have a gang of kids, or even a girlfriend. Remember this is 2000s America, where everything has flip-flopped. This incident is so layered it is not even funny. People have dismissed this as some crazy fool who the world is better off without. They couldn’t be more wrong. A young man, who killed three other young men, then shot seven others. This young man will never grow to do anything now. The other people he murdered are dead and gone as well (the focus of this post is on Rodgers). It’s a sad deal all around. I can remember all the times I was rejected. Because I wasn’t some athlete, a thug, all the requirements. I do not condone his actions, not at all. Young men like these are basically ignored until they hit it big. It is ridiculous how much attention is paid to girls and women in this feminist, man-hating society we live in. Men are largely ignored unless they are some CEO, some entertainer, public figure or athlete. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way things are.

It deserves mentioning that so many men feel this way. None of them have any outlet for their aggression (due to their family life, etc). With the state-run media the way it is, men are guilty parties of things they had nothing to do with anyway. It bears mentioning that most men feel the way he felt (as I have revealed how I my life was when I was younger) at one point or another. Rodgers was monolouging like a DC Comics villain. I too, had written a manifesto, although not a declaration of war against people. This thing this young man did is so sad.

The layers I have mentioned is feminism run amok, manliness at an all-time low, parents who are distracted, etc. So many layers. So much of what was on display here is so jacked up. We stand by and watch this happen, and attribute it all to Rodgers being weak-minded (Savage called him a psycho) and all the rest. I don’t think he was a psycho. Not a one of you out there can make any claims that you would never even consider that as an option. This UCSB massacre is a reflection of our sick society. A society in need of SPIRITUAL CLEANSING. A nation hooked on entertainment, foolishness, self-aggrandizement, vain, spoiled, immature, soft, selfish, promiscuous, whorish, unfaithful, undisciplined. They base their lives off scripted entertainment shows, but call themselves real. They have become actors in a sense. Demanding respect without being respectable, no backbone. All about what the consensus is- lacking the temerity to swat at a fly or crush a grape. They say they are open-minded, yet the only thing their minds are open to is what some fool on tv says. If a rapper, athlete, some unfunny comedian/activist didn’t say it, it may as well not even be said.

Is Rodgers a psycho, or is the society he departed more psychopathic than he is?



How Do You Know Your Worth?


From the poster here, you should all know where I am going with this. People tend to play down to their common denominator. It shouldn’t be that way. The poster says “know your worth”. How do you do that? Simply saying “know your worth” makes about as much difference as telling a homeless man to “get a job” if he doesn’t now what to do, where to go. I remember this in my own life. Basically, men are not taught to value themselves in their own eyes. They are brainwashed into being subservient and DEPENDENT upon the ideals of the media and women. Men, it is time for ALL of us to “get out of the matrix” and realize the con job that has been run on us. Four generations of men raised by women has this nation reeling. It is easy to see. No real men, only a bunch of mannish-acting boys who act like women when angered. This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

But how do you know your worth? Simple. Look at where you are, your current circumstances. Then look at where/what you want to be. Set goals. Refuse to take any crap off anyone. Become the man you want to be, instead of cup-caking, soft-shoeing around people just to curry favor with them. That is how you determine your worth. Looking to anybody else other than yourself and God is foolish at best.

Life and the Pursuit of Dominance

Recently I was privy to a full-on argument… this guy I know and his wife. The guy a vet, cannot find a job, while his wife is constantly berating him, trying to mold HIM into what she wants him to be. So many of these arguments seem to be nothing more than her having a temper tantrum- and he seems to give in, or so he tells us. When I sit down and talk to him, he says all the right things as far as him claiming his manhood back. Over and over again, he gives into his silly, delusional, probably feminist-indoctrinated wife. He does have a child with her… he has done various researching his options (divorce, sole custody of their daughter). He is alone- a lot… his wife doesn’t spend time with him, always walking the dogs, hanging out with friends. The rest of our group have basically given up on him, calling him a loser, a SIMP (Sucker Idolizing Mediocre P*SSY)… they believe he will not do anything. He tells me about all his dreams, his goals and his visions for the future. I have helped him get back on his feet mentally. He almost had a nervous breakdown once, crying uncontrollably. I had to remind him of just who he was. The man is on the edge… at times I wonder just how he is going to make it. I am sure he has some tricks up his sleeve. I encourage him constantly to read, pray and just be himself. He will get through this and be a great dad to his daughter, I’m sure of it.

In any case, I look at him, then I look at my own life. I pose myself this question everyday, and I will pose it to you: What are you doing to make your life one that will be one that is talked about after you are gone?