How many of you are in a bad relationship? A bad marriage? Like it’s seemingly done? At a loss at what to about it? Take heart. Only two options ever existed in the first place: BATES’ LAW states “that in any relationship, one must either change or leave”. It’s that simple. Yes. Very simple. But oh, so hard. Emotions, kids, money, etc. I promise you all that if you make that “hard choice” now, you will be fine later on. I am not promising a quick fix. I would be a fool to do such a thing. What I am saying is be willing to learn to fight alone (see Clubber Lang on Rocky II LOL). It’s in the hard times where you grow.


Dating in 2015: Is it now a sport?

I remember watching a SWP video a while back (SWP is Sergeant Willie Pete, a controversial Black Youtuber who started his own site, Gen X. Men’s Rights guy. A forerunner to guys like Tommy Sotomayor) and he had coined the phrase “recreational dating” back in 2008-09. I tend to believe that dating is now a lot like a sport. In my view, especially in this country, dating and sex is almost a religion. It is ridiculous to me how people fool around, especially young men, given the realities of male-female relations in 2015, going into 2016. Men don’t have the same safeguards, safety nets as women do. In my eyes, young men should focus on getting money instead of banging slags. Merely my opinion, take it or leave it. There are more women than men now. Men need to realize they have the same power to make something of themselves that women do. Make that money, call the shots. Time to get serious, fellas. Enough playing around.


Take this for what you will, ladies and gentlemen. We live in a society that doesn’t give two f**ks about anything except what they can get from someone else. If men ain’t worth it ladies, be like Fleetwood Mac and go your own way. Complaining about men won’t change YOUR lot in life (unless you like being bitter angry and spiteful harpies). Men, if these women are nothing but hoes, idiots and all that, GO YOUR OWN WAY. It’s a big world out there. Whining about women gets old and it changes nothing. In closing… DO YOU.

REPOST: @selectorjah: signs

The FIRST sign that a man will actually be able to PRODUCE SOMETHING in his lifetime has to do with his TRAITS. If a man is AMBITIOUS, PRODUCTIVE, HARD WORKING, HAS CAPABILITIES and is RESPONSIBLE even if he is trying early on in life, TANGIBLE things WILL be produced at SOME TIME later on in his life.
This is the MISTAKE a LOT of females make when choosing a life partner. When assessing a man,they overlook important traits such as those I mentioned, which could REALLY be the deciding factors as to what man can provide for a family and provide stability etc.
These trifling females don’t look for those TRAITS when looking for a man EARLY in his life while he is trying to build something for himself and his legacy. Instead they look at SWAG, if he has TATTOOS, if he has a BIG DICK/ good sex game, if he is a BAD BOY and will fight over her and other such STUPID criteria.
Instead they SHUN the DECENT, HARDWORKING man UNTIL he has achieved something tangible and AFTER SHE has been ran through by those SAME bad boys and swag fags realizing many years later that those types CANNOT provide her with the lifestyle she wants nor can he produce ANYTHING for their offspring. Not even money. So NOW she is looking for a man who has WORKED HARD and SACRIFICED and got turned down by EXACTLY females like her and EXPECTS him just to split HIS assets and wealth that he worked HARD for WHILE getting turned down by women LIKE her for WORTHLESS dudes.
A lot of people always talk about women’s choices in men, but I say IF females would STOP looking at STUPID traits like swag, dick game, tattoos, bad boy status etc. and start choosing men based on SENSIBLE traits like being HARD WORKING, AMBITIOUS , being a stand up guy, INSTEAD of shunning these types UNTIL later on in life when they actually have the money that they want(different from wanting HIM for who he is), then these females would actually start to have families where they are with men who actually DOES produce something for their family and legacy.


Yes. I am talking about a topic men and women either love to talk about or hate to talk about. People cannot not have a stance on this. For those of you who follow the blog, who know me in real life, etc. knows that I married a White woman, and have two kids by her. I am gonna talk about interracial relationships. Nobody ever gets mad or upset about any combination of WM/ANY WOMAN. I have come to expect that. Now, whenever it comes to Black men (and I expect this too, and it’s not unjustifiable) doing the interracial thing… everybody wants to control him. Why the interest in who a Black man dates (and I don’t mean the cuckold crap), why try to control what a free man does? Interracial relationships are on television all the time, only that 98% does not involve a Black man. Simply put, it tells me that in this regard, that myths, hate and fear still rule.

As for the Black woman (and her many failings), there is a reason why lots of Black men are choosing non-Black women. Black women are PISSED. They don’t like that one bit. In my view, they wanted their cake and to eat it. They want the thugs, pimps, players, etc. and to have the nice guys, the good guys as a “fool on stand-by” so when they are done whoring around, they can saddle that good guy with the emotional baggage, kids and everything else that accumulates from the street life.


There is a huge ongoing debate online that sometimes spills over into real life about this subject. This can go over into a million different directions, but I will not have that today. This is Part One of several I will do.

Remember, people do have options, opinions and all. Don’t try to hate what someone else is doing because you feel some superiority complex.


Over the weekend, I watched the Rodgers manifesto a few times. The talking heads are doing their usual thing, condemning him, his parents, the therapists, police, everybody on God’s green Earth. This is a more sociopolitical deal, I debated on whether to put this on the ADT site instead of this. Since so much of this is layered and peppered with angst, sexual repression, etc, this is why it’s on RnL. I am certainly one whose life is a lot like a magazine. I am not ashamed of my past- my failures, my everything. The young man I was, was a lot like this young man. It is sickening to see young men stoop to such levels. On the other hand, this is symptomatic of a society that is schizophrenic in so many areas. Hypersensitivity, no accountability for some, yet zero tolerance for others. I can understand why the guy was frustrated. Even to the point of murdering those who he felt embodied everything that was against him. I can understand his angst, his anger, his helplessness. If I were there, after beating him. I would have stood him up, and embraced him. Then laid the law down. When I was a younger man, I felt the same sting of rejection. It’s not fun. I remember getting slapped for asking a girl out on a date, I remember women laughing at me because I didn’t have a gang of kids, or even a girlfriend. Remember this is 2000s America, where everything has flip-flopped. This incident is so layered it is not even funny. People have dismissed this as some crazy fool who the world is better off without. They couldn’t be more wrong. A young man, who killed three other young men, then shot seven others. This young man will never grow to do anything now. The other people he murdered are dead and gone as well (the focus of this post is on Rodgers). It’s a sad deal all around. I can remember all the times I was rejected. Because I wasn’t some athlete, a thug, all the requirements. I do not condone his actions, not at all. Young men like these are basically ignored until they hit it big. It is ridiculous how much attention is paid to girls and women in this feminist, man-hating society we live in. Men are largely ignored unless they are some CEO, some entertainer, public figure or athlete. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way things are.

It deserves mentioning that so many men feel this way. None of them have any outlet for their aggression (due to their family life, etc). With the state-run media the way it is, men are guilty parties of things they had nothing to do with anyway. It bears mentioning that most men feel the way he felt (as I have revealed how I my life was when I was younger) at one point or another. Rodgers was monolouging like a DC Comics villain. I too, had written a manifesto, although not a declaration of war against people. This thing this young man did is so sad.

The layers I have mentioned is feminism run amok, manliness at an all-time low, parents who are distracted, etc. So many layers. So much of what was on display here is so jacked up. We stand by and watch this happen, and attribute it all to Rodgers being weak-minded (Savage called him a psycho) and all the rest. I don’t think he was a psycho. Not a one of you out there can make any claims that you would never even consider that as an option. This UCSB massacre is a reflection of our sick society. A society in need of SPIRITUAL CLEANSING. A nation hooked on entertainment, foolishness, self-aggrandizement, vain, spoiled, immature, soft, selfish, promiscuous, whorish, unfaithful, undisciplined. They base their lives off scripted entertainment shows, but call themselves real. They have become actors in a sense. Demanding respect without being respectable, no backbone. All about what the consensus is- lacking the temerity to swat at a fly or crush a grape. They say they are open-minded, yet the only thing their minds are open to is what some fool on tv says. If a rapper, athlete, some unfunny comedian/activist didn’t say it, it may as well not even be said.

Is Rodgers a psycho, or is the society he departed more psychopathic than he is?



How Do You Know Your Worth?


From the poster here, you should all know where I am going with this. People tend to play down to their common denominator. It shouldn’t be that way. The poster says “know your worth”. How do you do that? Simply saying “know your worth” makes about as much difference as telling a homeless man to “get a job” if he doesn’t now what to do, where to go. I remember this in my own life. Basically, men are not taught to value themselves in their own eyes. They are brainwashed into being subservient and DEPENDENT upon the ideals of the media and women. Men, it is time for ALL of us to “get out of the matrix” and realize the con job that has been run on us. Four generations of men raised by women has this nation reeling. It is easy to see. No real men, only a bunch of mannish-acting boys who act like women when angered. This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

But how do you know your worth? Simple. Look at where you are, your current circumstances. Then look at where/what you want to be. Set goals. Refuse to take any crap off anyone. Become the man you want to be, instead of cup-caking, soft-shoeing around people just to curry favor with them. That is how you determine your worth. Looking to anybody else other than yourself and God is foolish at best.