Is the Gluten Free Movement a scam?

The whole gluten-free movement in my eyes is yet another healthcare/lifestyle scam. By removing gluten from baked goods (gluten helps food such as bread keep its shape and softness during baking), you have to jack up the amounts of other additives, like xantham gum, and a host of other additives. There is also an exorbitant amount of fat, sodium benzoate and high fructose corn syrup (which leads to all kinds of health problems for children). The new host of gluten-free products certainly makes life much easier for sufferers of celiac disease, an auto-immune response to wheat where the body believes wrongly that gluten is attacking it… According to the Gluten Intolerance Group, 80 people are undiagnosed for every one person diagnosed with the gluten sensitivity. PubMed says that gluten intolerance is associated with celiac disease, and leads to symptoms ranging from fatigue, abnormal periods, and abnormal bowel movements all the way to intestinal cancer and lymphoma.

Nutritionists, dietitians (and the writer of this article) will contend that yeast (and fungus to a degree), not gluten, may be the real culprit… Nutritionists and dietitians alike do acknowledge that gluten intolerance does exist, but much much less than the media would have you believe.

But rest assured, the large consensus of people who are currently championing the “gluten free” lifestyle will soon be trumpeting how it doesn’t work.