It’s Summertime…

There’s an old 60s tune that says “It’s the Summertime, and the weather is hot”… now, I moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2013. I didn’t know just how hot and humid it got here. All I knew about Portland before coming here was the Blazers and latte-sipping liberals. It is hotter than hades here this week. Since I been doing a loading dock job in the area, I been losing weight. Like a BAWSS!!! It’s been wild, seeing people come and go outta my life, making impact, then fading away. It’s been a wild year already. At work yesterday, a guy quit. I get the third degree about it. I didn’t mind talking about it, but it was reminiscient of days past when I was “the loose cannon”. A co-worker of mine, was really shaken with this development. He made too much of it all, and basically went out like a punk. You know, the kinda guy who is overly macho, simply overcompensating. His whole conversation is guns, politics, crap like that? Now I am a veteran myself, but I have made sure I am not the military stereotype. Besides, it’s a lot of anti-military animus flowing about these days, so I don’t need to add to it. I saw through the guy like cellophane. I had to conceal my laughter at him. Ability? Yes. Aptitude? Yes. Balls? No. Spine? No. The previous week, this dude was popping off at the lip, like he was somebody’s father and such… somebody had to let him know what time it is. And it blew up in dude’s face. You don’t talk to people like that. I am a very patient person. In that regard, I feel if I end up “letting someone know”, they may not end up leaving the place under their own power. REAL TALK. Bottom line, some people need to be taught reality. It is very telling to see folks who aren’t in touch with reality attempt to run things like they own somebody. I had to stand down on a few occasions, because I am not gonna be pissing my career away, losing my freedom, etc, over some fool who is still in dreamland. Life ain’t nothing nice. Be cognizant of your surroundings, and WHO is around you.