Over the weekend, I watched the Rodgers manifesto a few times. The talking heads are doing their usual thing, condemning him, his parents, the therapists, police, everybody on God’s green Earth. This is a more sociopolitical deal, I debated on whether to put this on the ADT site instead of this. Since so much of this is layered and peppered with angst, sexual repression, etc, this is why it’s on RnL. I am certainly one whose life is a lot like a magazine. I am not ashamed of my past- my failures, my everything. The young man I was, was a lot like this young man. It is sickening to see young men stoop to such levels. On the other hand, this is symptomatic of a society that is schizophrenic in so many areas. Hypersensitivity, no accountability for some, yet zero tolerance for others. I can understand why the guy was frustrated. Even to the point of murdering those who he felt embodied everything that was against him. I can understand his angst, his anger, his helplessness. If I were there, after beating him. I would have stood him up, and embraced him. Then laid the law down. When I was a younger man, I felt the same sting of rejection. It’s not fun. I remember getting slapped for asking a girl out on a date, I remember women laughing at me because I didn’t have a gang of kids, or even a girlfriend. Remember this is 2000s America, where everything has flip-flopped. This incident is so layered it is not even funny. People have dismissed this as some crazy fool who the world is better off without. They couldn’t be more wrong. A young man, who killed three other young men, then shot seven others. This young man will never grow to do anything now. The other people he murdered are dead and gone as well (the focus of this post is on Rodgers). It’s a sad deal all around. I can remember all the times I was rejected. Because I wasn’t some athlete, a thug, all the requirements. I do not condone his actions, not at all. Young men like these are basically ignored until they hit it big. It is ridiculous how much attention is paid to girls and women in this feminist, man-hating society we live in. Men are largely ignored unless they are some CEO, some entertainer, public figure or athlete. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way things are.

It deserves mentioning that so many men feel this way. None of them have any outlet for their aggression (due to their family life, etc). With the state-run media the way it is, men are guilty parties of things they had nothing to do with anyway. It bears mentioning that most men feel the way he felt (as I have revealed how I my life was when I was younger) at one point or another. Rodgers was monolouging like a DC Comics villain. I too, had written a manifesto, although not a declaration of war against people. This thing this young man did is so sad.

The layers I have mentioned is feminism run amok, manliness at an all-time low, parents who are distracted, etc. So many layers. So much of what was on display here is so jacked up. We stand by and watch this happen, and attribute it all to Rodgers being weak-minded (Savage called him a psycho) and all the rest. I don’t think he was a psycho. Not a one of you out there can make any claims that you would never even consider that as an option. This UCSB massacre is a reflection of our sick society. A society in need of SPIRITUAL CLEANSING. A nation hooked on entertainment, foolishness, self-aggrandizement, vain, spoiled, immature, soft, selfish, promiscuous, whorish, unfaithful, undisciplined. They base their lives off scripted entertainment shows, but call themselves real. They have become actors in a sense. Demanding respect without being respectable, no backbone. All about what the consensus is- lacking the temerity to swat at a fly or crush a grape. They say they are open-minded, yet the only thing their minds are open to is what some fool on tv says. If a rapper, athlete, some unfunny comedian/activist didn’t say it, it may as well not even be said.

Is Rodgers a psycho, or is the society he departed more psychopathic than he is?





I was recently in a short debate with a young man on facebook (which shows the level of the debate). He was going on and on about how he hates Christianity, Christianity is the problem that causes people to be weak and docile, etc. I basically just shut down due to laughter. I realize that this sort of thing prevails in young and old alike. In my case, I hated everything and everyone. I thought I was the baddest man on the planet at one time (late 90s- early 2000s). I hated the way I grew up, hated the way I was raised (to a degree), hated how I was treated by “my own kind”. Hearing this young man talk reminded me a LOT of myself. Vocalized (in this case keyboardized hatred) anger over anything except doing what is right and sticking up for others is not good for you. Back in my day, I had the idea that I wanted to kill everyone and everything. That I was on the right track “doing my own thing”. Reminds me also of the “Men’s Movement”. Some call it MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). My only concern about this is the removal of God and the application of pure unadulterated hatred, rage and what I call “venomous living”. Surgically precise, Intensely vicious was the code I used to live by. I made a “big to-do” about everything in life. With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes introspection. With introspection comes reality. I have found that life is something that makes cowards of people. Hate is a lot like a garment we wear to cover up hurts, scars and whatever else.

Hate is something that all of us experience at one time or another. From my experience with hate, it can be something that consumes you, it becomes a part of your life (if you let it) and takes over. Something like that is not healthy, not needed. It makes a case for just walking away from toxic situations and toxic people. Bottom line, it is essential that you have to take care of yourself above all else. Hate is symbiotic if you let it. People can use it for motivation to become great. Usually, hate debilitates. Hate destroys. Hate takes over your life. In summation, don’t let hate take over your life.