In the Fight…

Yes, I am using a bit of military lingo in this post. Then again, life is nothing more than a fight. People choose not to see it that way. In my 37 years on this planet, I have seen this to be true. Life is a fight. In the fight you either: 1) Make your name 2) Be labelled and branded by your circumstances 3) Cop out and run.

In my estimation, so many times, we give up too easy in our endeavors. For instance, let’s say you wanted to run a business. For these purposes, let’s say you wanted to be a yoga instructor running your own studio. The circumstances are: You got bad credit, no assests, no resources. You just have desire and dreams. What to do? Give up? Quit? Join forces with someone who can help? I don’t know about all of you, but I say to stick it out until you win the fight. As the title of this entry suggests, the fight does define you to a degree. Cowardice, fear does tend to rise up. Don’t let that stay there. One phrase we use in the military is “what do you bring to the fight”. I put that question to you all today. What do you bring to the fight? Take a quick inventory and be honest- these are the type of things that hurt. Why? Because you’re not pointing the finger at someone else. You are looking at yourself. Makes for some interesting stuff. You cannot get the same enjoyment dissecting yourself as you would your spouse, your neighbor, your friends when they get out of line, or some celebrity or politician. I take great pleasure in “fixing myself” and making “on-the-spot corrections” of myself. I have learned in life, to be successful in any regard, these are the things you must do. Success is often painful indeed, but it is necessary to stretch yourself and to become something. Now while it is true that an increasing amount of people have what I call a “Kardashian mindset”- a mentality based on getting and not creating. A mentality based on not producing anything, just consuming. On a side note, people tend to get CAPITALISM and CONSUMERISM confused. CONSUMERISM is what you see rampaging people’s brains these days. CAPITALISM is the best system for economic freedom, prosperity and individuality. Clarification of socioeconomic slander notwithstanding, I return to the article.

What are you bringing to the fight? So many are living below their means, privileges and skill sets these days. In my estimation it is easier to fall for a prepackaged way of life. Easy to glom onto popular notions than to build a life. We have several generations who know nothing of sacrifice, seeing things through. The flippancy and flakiness of the people is appalling. I contend that the American way of life has given way to a more European mindset (for all the Euros reading this, this is not a diss) that will not lead to a good outcome. People tend to think that passivity will be better than offending someone. Life is all about conflict, and how to overcome it. You must be a tough-minded individual to win in life. You must make up whatever you don’t have in talent by sheer will and determination.


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