SEX: What do you like in the opposite sex?

As far as I can remember, I have always been attracted to women, especially ones who are curvy, have wide hips and big butts. This is a G-rated blog, so I will not get too graphic here. I have come to appreciate the thinner ones as I have gotten older. I must admit my tastes have changed somewhat… Yes I married a big girl… I love her. Yet, my tastes are changing. I’m not ashamed to say it here, or in real life. I am saying however, if I see a curvy blonde. WOW… and yes, my wife is a brunette. I have the desire to see her get to a size 6 at the smallest. I wanna see her have fun in life. But sexually, she can do much more if she would shed the excess pounds. I am shedding weight myself.. in the process of the last 3 years, I have gotten hurt way too many times. Tore a pec last year, can;t really run the way I want to due to training, I may never get things to the way I envision them. I will stay at it until I get the look I want. My green-eyed wife gets stares, compliments, and guys trying to get with her at times. I want my wife to get hot… okay, enough on that… What does it for you guys? BIG BUTTS? Big tits? What does it for you ladies? Broad shoulders, a six-pack and all?