Life in tha 77316 part 2

Seems as if EVERYTHING I have known has been turned on its ear- I am serious… so many of the thing I have grown to know, or learned along the way- has been decimated, disproven, made obsolete, etc. It is really a case of me either growing up… or everything changing… the candy-coated topping of life has melted… and given way to undeniable truth.

Up from darkness, into the light

Like from the time I was 30/31… things were herky-jerky- meaning either things were in a constant flux, or they were so slow, I had to create circumstances so I could feel involved in my own life. And I got used to that… I knew it wasn’t normal, or even safe for my life… but it just seemed right for the moment, just how things were. Like there wasn’t a way out. So that drug on for a few more years… Just now, about a month, 45 days ago… I was doing some heavy praying, reading Scripture. Reading more books (self-help books). Revelation upon revelation had come upon me… I mean it was a lot like a faceade was ripped off of me… like I grew out of my skin- that gave me the inspiration to once again try for  trainer license… more blogs… more everything.

I was sitting in church the other week, praying- like I was growing out my skin… and it has continued… life as I have known it- is over.


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