LIFE in tha 77316

Been doing a lot of soul-searching lately… I wanna get my life straight…after doing just that, I came to several conclusions about myself: I really did a number on myself with making myself an outcast, atheism, satanism… and my tastes in women. I seriously took inventory of everything… and even in my tastes in women… I contend that since I didn’t think much of myself, I basically went to the big girls as a means of having ‘a safe bet’… not realizing it was ME I was hurting- b/c I wasn’t doing myself justice… self-preservation is a cop-out… I am not perfect… but i have really been longing to improve my life and my family’s life… struggle is the name of the game…

Bottom line, I will continue to ‘peel back the layers’ on me, and make things happen in that regard…

Also, with all this going on, Ima get this stuff done… I am really excited about what the future holds for me… as things change for me, as I become a mogul (yes I said it- yer boy gone EPIC)

But back to this ‘peeling back the layers’ thing- I am really my worst critic… I will say things about myself that even my most vehement haters (and there are PLENTY of em, the world over) wouldn’t say about me….

Having that mindset crafted by dealing with adversity, fighting a ‘loser mentality’… this is really something I been needing to get off my chest. Dealing with abuse, alcoholism, et al, in my family.. I ended up being a punching bag in school (til I had a 9-inch growth spurt in 11th grade)…

As much as I hate to say it, it DID toughen me up- esp in this PC era… people are so weak-minded, thinking everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Our society lacks toughness simply b/c everything is sanitized, gynofied and PC’d up.

I am more resolved than ever to be the best man I can become… husband, father, son…



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