Truth and Rage

ImageYesterday, my wife (who is 19 weeks pregnant), totalled my 2011 Suzuki. Glad everyone came out safe… found out we having a girl. I remember the feelings of fear, despondency… then finally rage and anger. I was livid! Was so pissed I could barely move (I was at work, doing a 24-hr shift). The thought had come to mind (thinking as a writer/blogger) about ‘what would you do’, etc… But seriously, what WOULD you do if confronted with a circumstance such as this… Because 3 lives were put in danger… wifey, a passenger (who is a minor), and our baby girl (found that out through the routine tests, x-rays, etc). I really didn’t wanna say anything to her (wifey), but seeing her struggle with her injuries (knee, back, chest, neck)… softened me up a bit. Again, I pose the question to you all in cyberspace/blogosphere… what would you do if you found your family in a situation like this? I was praying HARD. Believe it. I pray a LOT. In any case, what say you? Weigh in on this topic…


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