A Many Splendored Thing

Lots has been said about love throughout the ages. I won’t bore you with dry quotes and platitudes here. But what is love? What does love mean anyways? I will start by saying that love is commitment. Love is paying dues to be with someone. We as a society, especially in the West, think love is something that you can turn on and turn off. It simply isn’t that way. Love usually starts off as infatuation or lust. So many times, we have this fantasy built up in our heads, thinking that our relationships will pan out like they do in the movies or those old fairy tales of long ago. Love takes work. Love takes sacrifice. Love takes PRAYER. We give up when things get tough. Now I recently married, and I can tell you, love ain’t as it’s portrayed in the movies. Loving someone reveals so much about yourself. It forces you to do either one of two things- change or leave. I have long had the opinion that love has been so misconstrued, so maligned, so cheapened, we really don’t know what it means anymore. It took me many years to find out what it does mean- after finding out through trial and error about what it does NOT mean.



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