Stop the Insanity

One look in the magazines, especially in the tabloids- all you see are the super-skinny models and Hollywood starlets. That’s what’s supposed to be ‘the standard’. One look at those who are NOT skinny like Nicole Richie… they are the comic foils, the frumpy, dumpy sidekicks of the hot girl. Or if it’s a big guy… he’s a dumb meathead who ‘just can’t get right’. Seems as if there is an unwritten rule in our society- it’s more acceptable to be a drug-addled degenerate than to be overweight. And what does this have to do with dating, relationships, and sex? Everything. Our tastes are more than likely molded by the media… and how many of us are not the size 6 cheerleader-type, or the 6-2 195 jock that oozes machismo? This type of thing will (and does) destroy young minds and young lives. Anorexia/bulimia, drug use, starvation, and all other forms of angst are prevalent in society today amongst teens. Too many adukts carry the scars of this… and they either shrink into nothing, or become the exact opposite of who they really are. Is there a bias against the overweight in our society? You better believe it. It is a symptom of a self-absorbed culture dedicated to self-gratification and mindless self-indulgence at all costs. How many people have died taking dangerous and expensive diet pills, or died under the knife getting plastic surgery (liposuction, sculpting, etc), to fit a meme that will only satisfy what’s on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the outside. Because simply…. we are all going to get old, get fat, and die. No matter how long you work out, no matter how many plastic surgeries (look at Nancy Pelosi haha)Image Our society is sick. All for a look. Looks fade. There will always be someone taller, younger, leaner, more muscular, better looking. There should not be a bias against the overweight- there should be NO biases period. On this topic, how much sense does it make to destroy your body (from the inside out) because you want to look like a girl on tv…. or you endanger your central nervous system because you want a look like some roided-up pro diva whatever…How many MORE rehab shows on tv… normalizing degenerate behavior… must we sit through… it’s sad how our society is. With all the people starving to death overseas and below the border, the focus of shame, and fault-finding is with those who are not looking like models, athletes and entertainers.Image How many of you young women judge yourselves by some unattainable image on the television screen? And how many of you young men strive to be what you see and hear… Patently absurd.


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